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Introduction to Building Information Modeling

As Architects, it is essential for us to efficiently collaborate with our engineer and construction partners. Platforms that allow real-time collaboration is crucial from design to construction; therefore, Building Information Model (BIM) is key in our process in shaping the environment. BIM is a software that has been implemented in our office since 2007. Great benefits of incorporating BIM application into projects: Allows for automated information throughout the entire model for …Read More

Staff Spotlight: Alex Balais, Assoc. AIA

Nacht & Lewis is pleased to welcome our newest team member, Senior Project Coordinator, Alex Balais. 1. How long have you been with N&L? As an employee, I started officially on September 27th, but I have been working as a consultant for N&L for a few months. 2. What’s your favorite type of cuisine? Japanese, Thai and of course Filipino food! 3. Do you have any pets? None at the …Read More

Architecture Talk – A Language of Its Own

Architecture comes from a deep-rooted culture and long history, commonly assessed through visual terms and subject to perception. When speaking to an architect, you begin to pick up on words that are uncommon. Like all professions, architects have their own technical language, and the jargon used are concepts that are too complex to express in the everyday language. More often than not, when architects are communicating they forget that these …Read More


Designing with Functionality Architecture plays an important role in our lives. The physical infrastructure is something that we are confronted with every day. We share an apartment or a house with our family and if we are lucky, we are able to have our own bedroom to feel safe and explore the world from. We receive our education in buildings specifically designed to support learning and receive health exams in …Read More

Staff Spotlight: Jeff Janssen

Nacht & Lewis is pleased to present our newest team member, Senior Project Coordinator, Jeff Janssen. 1. How long have you been with N&L? Started last month. 2. What do you do in your downtime? (Cook? Ski? Play sports?) Play music. I’m the drummer in a funk/RnB band but love to play just about anything. Woodworking and baseball are on my list as well. 3. What’s your favorite part of …Read More

We Wheelie Love to Bike!

Dust off your bikes because May is Bike Month! The League of American Bicyclists established Bike Month in 1956, an annual celebration that encourages biking as the main form of transportation. This is an opportunity for everyone to demonstrate the positive impacts that bicycling has for the environment and our well being. With the introduction of bike rentals, such as JUMP, and improvements on new bike lanes throughout the Sacramento …Read More

Staff Spotlight: Yevgenia Watts

Join us in welcoming Yevgenia Watts, the newest Senior Project Coordinator to our team! 1. How long have you been with N&L? I started Monday, May 6, 2019. 2. Do you speak any other languages?  Yes! Ukrainian, Russian, a little Polish and German. I’m learning Danish after visiting Copenhagen this year. 3. What do you do in your downtime? I do figure drawings, travel and spend time with my kids. …Read More

Making A Difference In The Community

Among the many associations and organizations that meet our professional desires, Nacht & Lewis takes pride in serving our community by volunteering. About 17 months ago, I joined the Sacramento Sheriff’s Drowning Accident Rescue Team (DART) with my son Grant. It was a way I could use my skills as a diver and boater to help out a great organization. The rivers are a wonderful amenity for Sacramento but also …Read More

Make Every Day Earth Day

Nacht & Lewis celebrates Earth Day every day by incorporating practices that reduce the negative affect on our environment into our daily lives. Here are ways our team contributes to sustainability: Biking Instead of starting your engine for a quick trip to your neighborhood supermarket, try cycling there! Reduce the mileage you would incur by driving your automobile to cycling, which save 6 to 14 million tons of CO2 and …Read More

In Memory of Hans Schneider, AIA

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Hans Schneider on March 19th. Hans’ 50+ year history with Nacht & Lewis began in August of 1962, when he was hired on as a Draughtsman and Project Coordinator. During his time with the firm, he contributed his technical skill and knowledge to all of the firm’s markets, but ultimately became the firm’s criminal justice facilities specialist. His most …Read More

Not All ZNE Are Created Equal

Zero Net Energy (ZNE) is a design strategy that has piqued the interest of many clients. ZNE is a viable solution due to the declining price of photovoltaic panels. Since a decade ago, the payback period has reduced from 20 years to a 6-8 year period. The State of California has defined ZNE as “An energy efficient building that produces as much clean renewable energy as it consumes over the …Read More

Staff Spotlight: Vu Nguyen

Say hello to Vu Nguyen, the newest member of the marketing team! 1. What’s your favorite type of cuisine? Love, love, Asian cuisines (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.) and of course pizza. 2. What do you do in your downtime?  I like to experiment with photography, cook and binge watch whatever is trending on Netflix. 3. What is your dream vacation? My dream vacation is to travel across Europe and Asia. Mainly to …Read More

Napa County Re-Entry Facility

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Napa County Re-Entry project occurred with pomp and circumstance on Friday, February 1st and included the Chief of Probation, Chief of Corrections, Members of the Napa County Board of Supervisors, as well as distinguished members of the State and Federal Legislature. This facility establishes Napa County as a national leader in criminal justice reform. The program will be jointly run by Napa’s Departments of Corrections …Read More

A Dedication to Robert Petersen

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow On January 30th,  the Nacht & Lewis staff, along with members of his family, celebrated the life of Robert Petersen who passed suddenly on September 29th, 2018. Our newly dedicated “Robert Petersen Conference Room” serves as a reminder of his legacy and what he gave to the firm, his profession as an architect, …Read More

Get to Know the New Accessibility Market

Introducing A New Market My name is Eric Sifuentes, and I am excited to introduce the new market sector! As a Certified Access Specialist (CASp), subject matter expert and newly licensed architect, I will be leading the accessibility market. This market focuses on the following services: Architectural services for accessibility alterations Facility assessments ADA transition plans CASp consulting Many years ago, Nacht & Lewis began working with State and local …Read More