Administrative Professionals Day— NEWS

Admin Day

A successful business cannot be without the administrative staff that supports the everyday operations of our firm. There are a multitude of job functions that fall under administration. From tracking expenses to enhancing the client’s experience, these group of professionals are dedicated to ensuring the firm runs smoothly.

To our genuinely great admin staff: Anthony Arroyo, Stephanie Young, and Vu Nguyen. Thank you for all you do to keep our office running smoothly, even amid challenging times. You are always there for us, and you are all appreciated. – Eric Fadness, Principal

Our business would not function as efficiently as it does without all the support we get from our administrative staff. Congratulations to all the folks on this National Administrative Professionals Day who work so hard in the background to make us all look good. We could not do it without you. – Brian Maytum, Principal

Our success, especially during the pandemic, is only possible with the help of Anthony, Stephanie and Vu. We are grateful for their positive attitude and cat wrangling skills. – Mike Parrott, President

A quick shout out to the administration staff! These great people work hard behind the scenes to support the technical staff. Their continued efforts to makes sure that the office space is running properly or tracking us down when an important client calls are just a couple of the ways this special group of people help fuel the success of this office. Our admin team is the first point of contact when clients come into our office and I have heard clients tell me that they were amazed when greeted by name. This is what helps to set us apart. This company’s culture is due to the sum of it’s parts and the admin staff definitely holds up their end. We couldn’t do it without them. – Chris Flatt, Associate Principal

Anthony’s dedication to Nacht & Lewis shows in everything he does. He is responsive to all correspondence and does everything with a positive attitude and efficiency. The confidence I have in Stephanie’s work and her diligent work ethic is all I could ask for in a co-worker, but she is so much more. Stephanie is everything. She takes on every task with a positive attitude and open mind. I really couldn’t do my part without her. In addition, Vu is a positive light in our office and he brings a smile wherever he goes.  It radiates and adds so much joy to our culture. – Bobbi Giannoni, Chief Financial Officer


April 27, 2022

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