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Day in the life of PC Graphic

As an architectural project coordinator, every day unfolds with a mix of tasks and challenges that demand adept management and clear communication. I kickstart my mornings with a nourishing breakfast and a nice cup of coffee, setting the stage for a focused and productive day ahead. Once I get started at work, I begin by reviewing emails and prioritizing tasks for the day.

Coordinating multiple projects at a time requires a keen eye for prioritization. I base priority on deadlines. I rely on a prioritized task list to stay organized and on track, ensuring my time and resources are allocated efficiently.

Effective collaboration and communication are vital for successful project execution. I engage with my team through various channels, from emails to Teams chats and face-to-face interactions, ensuring everyone remains informed and progress continues smoothly.

Problem-solving is a skill honed through experience and adaptability. When unexpected changes or curveballs arise, I strive to understand the reasons behind the change and find reasonable solutions that minimize the impact on the project budget and schedule.

One memorable instance where adaptability proved crucial was during a project requiring an urgent Architectural Change Directive (ACD) submission. With the proper coordination with the consultant team, I stepped in to ask crucial questions during an Owner Architect Contractor meeting. This proactive approach helped me coordinate and provide accurate drawings that were approved by HACI in our first submittal.

Having a clear understanding of the planned approach for each project, communication is paramount for accurate coordination, progress monitoring, and taking action when needed.

As the day winds down, I take a moment to reflect on the day as I fill out my timesheet and review my prioritized task list once more, ensuring I’m prepared for the tasks waiting for me the next day.

Written by: Hector Tosta

March 4, 2024

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