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Nacht & Lewis has been designing educational facilities for over a century. With a legacy spanning more than 100 years, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovative solutions and design excellence. Our commitment to creating exceptional learning environments is shown in iconic projects, such as Ponderosa High School and the new Oak Ridge Elementary School.

Constructed in 1963 for the El Dorado Union High School District, Ponderosa High School in Shingle Springs, California, stands as a timeless testament to creating exceptional educational spaces. Nestled within a 38-acre campus adorned with native oak trees, the school’s design seamlessly takes advantage of the rolling hills and inspiring views, fostering an atmosphere for learning and collaboration. The campus has been recognized by both the local community and the building industry for its distinctive mid-century design and its ability to embrace its rural surroundings. The campus was featured in the September 1964 edition of Architectural Record Magazine.

With the same unwavering dedication to creating innovative solutions, Nacht & Lewis has set its sights on the future of educational facilities here in Sacramento.  One of our newest projects, just now breaking ground, is the Sacramento City Unified School District’s Oak Ridge Elementary School.

Guided by the same design sensitivity as Ponderosa High School, our team has crafted a truly visionary learning environment. Oak Ridge Elementary School encompasses a range of new K-6 facilities including state-of-the-art classroom buildings, a vibrant library, a cutting-edge exploration lab, a versatile multi-purpose room, comprehensive student services, and a dynamic community engagement center. Our goal was to create an environment that not only enriches the lives of students and staff but also fosters equity, inclusivity, and safety within the diverse community of Oak Park.

Scheduled for completion in July 2025, the construction of Oak Ridge Elementary School marks the next chapter in our ongoing commitment to designing innovative, inspiring, and transformative educational facilities. Nacht & Lewis continues to shape the future of learning environments with passion and purpose.

Written by: Anthony Arroyo

December 8, 2023

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