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On the Boards – Justice

From concept design through construction administration, Nacht & Lewis is pleased to share details of exciting new projects we are working on. Take a look below at what we've got on the boards with highlights of our latest projects in-progress.

Mendocino County Jail Replacement Special Needs Housing Unit and Visitor’s Center

Nacht & Lewis has been contracted to design and construct two new building additions to the existing county jail located on county owned land. The building additions will provide a new housing unit with programming and treatment space and a new public visiting center. The new housing unit building will include approximately 60 rated beds, a safety cell, respiratory isolation cell, recreation yards, housing unit control, nursing station, medical exam room, dental exam room, program/group rooms and staff support space. The new public visiting center will include contact and non-contact visiting rooms for families and attorneys. Services:

  • Pre-Design
  • Master Planning
  • Facility Assessment
  • Programming
  • Site Accessibility Review, Analysis, Investigation
  • Agency Review and Approval
  • Architectural Design
  • Construction Documents, including Cost Estimating

Butte County Jail SB 863 Expansion


A new stand-alone 132-bed jail facility consisting of four 24-bed maximum security pods and a 36-bed medical and mental health treatment housing unit. The addition includes a new intake and release facility, a medical clinic with medical dental exam rooms, a pharmacy, nursing station and clinician work areas. The County’s existing jail has a rated capacity of 614 beds. The new facility will replace 96 of the existing beds that are in the older linear jail housing.

Amador County Jail SB 863 Expansion

Nacht & Lewis (N&L) is currently working on the 40-bed mail jail housing unit expansion at the Amador County Jail in Jackson, California. The new 14,051 square foot building will be a stand-alone building next to the mail jail and will provide two, 20-bed maximum security housing pods, programming and treatment space, a safety cell, respiratory isolation cell, recreation yard, central control, medical exam room, dental exam room, program/group rooms, an interview room, office space, covered exterior circulation and a storage basement. A covered and fenced pathway will connect the new building to the existing jail. Site improvements are included that expand the parking capacity for Jail and Sheriff’s Department staff. The most significant challenge the N&L team faced was how to build the new housing unit at the same elevation when the available land for development sloped significantly away from the existing jail. Nacht & Lewis in collaboration with the structural engineer, CYS Structural Engineers, studied various structural alternatives that balanced the functional and budgetary requirements for the project. Prior to beginning design, Nacht & Lewis conducted a comprehensive needs assessment of the County’s only jail facility. The assessment included a Facility Condition Assessment, preparation of a jail population profile and population projections, architectural programming, conceptual planning and development of a comprehensive time-phased construction plan. In order to secure funding for the project, Amador County, Amador County Sheriff’s Department and N&L worked together to prepare the County’s SB 863 funding application. As a result, the County was awarded $17.1 million, the majority of the funding necessary for the expansion to be designed and constructed. Nacht & Lewis is currently under contract for Basic Services as the County’s Architect of Record (AOR). Project completion is slated for early 2020. Services:

  • Program Verification
  • Conceptual Design
  • Master Planning
  • Site Design
  • Assistance with CEQA Documentation
  • Full Architecture/Engineering Services