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The latest from Nacht & Lewis.

Kicking-Off Bike Month in May

Have you heard? May is Bike Month! What is “May is Bike Month”? “May is Bike Month” is a campaign that takes place in the six-county Sacramento Region each year.¬†The focus is to promote bicycle use as a mode of transportation whether for running errands, commuting, riding recreationally or working. It is a chance to showcase the benefits of bicycling ‚ÄĒ and encourage more folks to give biking a try. …Read More

Sights From the Top of Sacramento

The¬†American Institute of Architects, Central Valley Chapter‚Äôs (AIACV)¬†continues to celebrate the 10-day¬†Central Valley Regional Architecture Festival¬†and we have some great photos to share from Tuesday’s¬†Top of the City Views Tour. As part of the festival, the AIACV offers exclusive access and amazing views from atop some of the city’s most recognized buildings. Mike Corrick – President and Francis Harrington – Project Manager, took advantage of the sights from the Elks …Read More

Celebrating Architecture Through the Lens of Our Region

The¬†American Institute of Architects, Central Valley Chapter’s (AIACV)¬†second annual¬†Central Valley Regional Architecture Festival¬†is just one day away! Over the next 10 days, over 2,000 attendees, architects and community members alike will partake in a variety of events and activities to celebrate architecture and the built environment of our region. With beautiful weather expected, the festival will highlight unique city sights while engaging¬†members of the public, design enthusiasts, architects and designers …Read More

Take It to the Streets – 2013 Sacramento United Park(ing) Day

Parking Day is tomorrow and our team is ready! Park(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens temporarily transform parking spots into public parks or “parklets”. Originally started in 2005 by Rebar Group out of San Francisco, Park(ing) Day has evolved into a global movement, with organizations and individuals creating new forms of temporary public space in urban contexts around the world. Nacht & Lewis is …Read More

Celebrating Our Past. Cultivating Our Future.

Throughout nine decades, Nacht & Lewis has adapted, grown, strategized, designed and collaborated to provide our clients quality design services time and time again.¬†Our rich history includes more than 91 years of timeless and innovative design projects, all setting the foundation for our current momentum. With our experienced team, tremendous energy to succeed and collaborative culture, we look forward to maintaining the services that our clients care most about. A …Read More

Laura Wood’s “Toy Riff” and “Baby”

To celebrate the 100th birthday of¬†Ray Eames¬†(a Sacramento native), our Virtual Design Coordinator, Laura Wood¬†created two commemorative sculptures in her honor. The larger sculpture “Toy Riff” and the smaller sculpture “Baby” were exhibited outside of the Nacht & Lewis office on Ray Eames’ Birthday and through the month of December. Both sculptures are now display in the lobby of the California Museum during the year long exhibit of Eames’ work.