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The Art Hack at HackerLab

Outside of our “day” jobs, my husband, Justin Wood, and I love to explore a variety of artistic endeavors. One of which is an installation we are working on right now at the HackerLab in Midtown Sacramento with Gina Lujan and Eric Ullrich.

We met Gina in 2013 when Justin and I were showing our work in Midtown, she loved our work and we loved everything she was cooking up at HackerLab. We knew we had to collaborate! Since that day, we have been developing a custom installation for HackerLab that represents the quintessential art hack: artists collaborating styles, implementing democratized innovative technology and working from a hack perspective of looking at every step of development as an opportunity to question what we are doing and develop new techniques.



The gesture of the physical piece is inspired by clouds and the sensation of new horizons, creation and imagination. Overlaid in the experience will be an AR layer that will generate a illustrative narrative of discovery, community and territory. We are thrilled to be in the final stretch of the development and move into installing the form this summer.  






Check out the Hackerlab on Facebook to keep up with the cool things happening in thier space and be sure to go by and check out the installation later this summer!

July 18, 2014

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