Canstruction at the AIACV Experience Architecture Week— NEWS

Canstruction at the AIACV Experience Architecture Week

It’s that time again folks – the American Institute of Architects, Central Valley Chapter (AIACV) is knee-deep in planning for the upcoming Experience Architecture Week. The 10-day celebration, starting October 10th, was created to facilitate greater transparency with the public in how architects create our built environment and how it impacts our daily lives. Go and like the AIACV Experience Architecture Facebook page to keep up-to-date on the latest event developments.

A new addition to the series of events is a fierce Canstruction® competition among local design firms, Nacht & Lewis included. This competition will take place at the Launch Event on Friday, October 10th, from 5-9 pm. We are thrilled to participate in the region’s first event of this kind, collecting cans to donate afterwards to the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services. Once the designs are constructed, the judges make their sections and awards are announced, the exhibits (made solely of canned foods) will stay up in the SMUD Customer Service Center at 6301 S Street for an entire week!

Here is where the extended Nacht & Lewis community comes into play….We need your help with canned or monetary donations to be able to construct our design. Take a look at the details below and please contact our Marketing Manager, Sarah Sciandri if you are able to donate canned goods that will help local families in need. Look out for us throughout the Experience Architecture Week events and be sure to say hello!

Nacht & Lewis Canstruction Flyer FINAL_9.9.14_Page_1 Nacht & Lewis Canstruction Flyer FINAL_9.9.14_Page_2

September 10, 2014

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