Mendocino County Crisis Residential Treatment Facility

Client: County of Mendocino

Cost: $3,101,669

Completion: January 2022

Delivery Method: Design-Bid

Location: Ukiah, CA

Service: Design and Planning, Programming, Criteria Documentation, Agency Review and Approval

Principal-in-Charge: Eric Fadness

Senior Project Manager: DeAnn Splinter

Programmer: John Flath

Senior Project Architect: Lorenzo Lopez

Senior Project Coordinator: Jeffrey Janssen


Mendocino County Code entitled the “Mental Health Treatment Act” adopting a County Transaction (Sales) and Use Tax for the specific purpose of funding improved services, treatment and facilities for persons with mental health conditions. The facilities that the County is pursuing is a combination of a Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF), a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU), and / or a Crisis Residential Treatment (CRT) facility. Nacht & Lewis was selected to provide planning and design services for these facilities. The Crisis Residential Treatment (CRT) facility offers social rehabilitation services in a safe, welcoming, non-institutional residential setting. The CRT shall provide a less restrictive but structured program as an alternative to hospitalization for individuals experiencing an acute psychiatric episode or crises who require 24-hour support in order to return to community living. Nacht & Lewis has completed the design planning and design of the Crisis Residential Treatment facility, which is currently in the bidding phase. The project, located in the City of Ukiah, has received a grant from the California Health Facilities Finance Authority for the construction of the facility.

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