Inderkum High School Still Being Recognized— NEWS

Inderkum High School Still Being Recognized

Over the past few days, we have seen a little buzz here, here and here* and read some positive chatter about Inderkum High School along with a drastic spike in visits to our website!

What’s the buzz all about you ask?

According to Best Education Resources, Inderkum High School was ranked the #1 spot among 30 other reputable high school campuses as the “Most Amazing High School Campus in the World“. According to a Best Education Resources representative, they are an online information resource dedicated towards the discussion of issues concerning K-12 education, primarily aimed at teachers and prospective teachers. Their list of “Most Amazing High School Campuses in the World” was formed based on several factors including:

  • “any awards the buildings may have won,
  • previous level of press coverage,
  • green design factors present – e.g. energy-efficiency credentials and
  • not least, aesthetics – schools that, the writer and editorial team agreed, looked most visually impressive based off publicly available images”

In the world, that’s impressive!

Our thoughts exactly. Needless to say, we are honored to see our design and school continue to receive positive recognition nearly 10 years after construction was complete.

If you have ever been to this school, have children who go there or just know someone connected to it, keep the buzz going and let us know your favorite thing about Inderkum High School by emailing

*Thank you Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, Fox 40 News and KFBK for posting this list and sparking some buzz around this project that we are proud to have designed.

September 12, 2013

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