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As architects, we have our own way of writing and often times it is in abbreviations and acronyms. While still focusing on my undergraduate courses, I quickly realized that a large amount of A/E industry terms are abbreviated or have a shortened form. At times, abbreviations are incorrectly interpreted by the end user. Best practice is to write everything out. Not only does it save time trying to decipher the abbreviations and acronyms but also avoids any confusion.

If a short form is necessary, it is recommended to use very well known terms or ensure that the abbreviation is shown in its full form via a glossary or standardized list. I took on the challenge to write using only abbreviations and acronyms.

Can you decipher what I am talking about?

U.O.N. it is typ. to place horiz. and vert. mul. at 24 in. O.C. The D-B may choose their own eq. method of constr. as an alt. so long as ea. pnl. of gl. is N.T.E. 36 in. W. The R.O. is req’d to have a cont. dim. from the T.O.C. to the bott. of struct. Ref. dtl. 6 on sht. A502. For OA. dim. – ref. ext. elev. sht. A304. V.I.F. any conflicts w/ exist. conditions. Notify the Arch. & the AHJ of any E&O NLT COB on Fri. 7-30-21.


Unless otherwise noted, it is typical to place horizontal and vertical mullions at 24 inches on center. The design-builder may choose their own equal method of construction as an alternate so long as each panel of glass is not to exceed 36 inches wide. The rough opening is required to have a continuous dimension from the top of curb to the bottom of structure. Reference detail 6 on sheet A502. For overall dimensions, reference exterior elevation sheet A304. Verify in field any conflicts with existing conditions. Notify the architect and the authority having jurisdiction of any errors and omissions no later than close of business on Friday, July 30th 2021.

Written by: Michele Hausauer

July 30, 2021

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