Happy Father’s Day!— NEWS

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to every dad, daddy, father, papa, dada, grandpa, granddad, uncle, step-dad, and father figure! We appreciate you!!

Ode to a father…The man who teaches you how to be a man. And I am not talking about being macho. I am not talking about “never let them see you cry”. I am talking about instilling a sense of responsibility, a sense of inner pride. A father is one who will teach you that everything good in life does not necessarily come easily and that sometimes in life you need to work pretty dang hard at things for the benefit of others. But most of all, a father is there for you when you need him…always. – Chris

My dad has been my mentor since day one. From sports to business to relationships, my dad has always been my sounding board and given sound advice. He’s always treated me as an equal and never let me take shortcuts or the easy way out. He’s reasoned with me, negotiated with me, educated me, and allowed me to learn hard lessons – all of which I’m eternally grateful for. No matter how old I get, I will always be a daddy’s girl. Love you, Padre. – Jami

My dad has always fostered our shared appreciation for exploring nature and the built environment. – Mike P.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Super-Dads!! My father…who has taught me patience, perseverance, loyalty, tough love AND unconditional love which I know is so important to pass onto my own child. To the father of my child…what a wonderful job of Full-Time dad you’ve done; you’re always dependable, caring and trying to be the best possible dad to our little growing girl whom adores you! I’m truly blessed to have both of you in my life. – Michele

I wish my father were still around, so he could meet his grandchildren and see how I play with them the same way he played with my sister and I when we were kids. There are so many wonderful things he did for us and I try my best to be as good a father for my children as he was to my sister and I.

I love and miss you dad! – Peter

Dad: a man who puts his heart and soul into everything he does so that he can be the best example for his two daughters.
Dad: stepping outside of his comfort zone to make the best life possible for his two daughters.
Dad: undefinable!

Thank you, Dad!! We have no idea where we would be without your sacrifices…but we do know that we are who we are because of you. Hope we make you proud!

Happy Father’s Day! – Bobbi

“Like no other person, a father possesses a special power to mold another’s
life, shape it, give it form. Concepts of character flow from this man’s life.
Esteem, Principles, Identity. And anchor points. When you think about it
awhile, there are few things more powerful.” – Tender Warrior, God’s Intention for a Man by Stu Weber

June 16, 2017

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