Court Facility Renovations

Client: Judicial Council of California

Location: Multiple Locations in CA


The Nacht & Lewis team has also worked on various JCC ID/IQ projects that include:



This multi-phase renovation to the Law and Justice Center and Hall of Justice I and II buildings resulted in the addition of two ADA compliant courtrooms, chambers, holding areas and clerks area into an existing 1980’s era courthouse. Phase I required the relocation of the clerk suite to an adjacent 1930’s era building to make room for the traditional, center bench courtrooms. A diagonal axis and tilted walls served to center the courtrooms. This was the JCC’s first Design-Assist delivery.

Napa Juvenile Court

A renovation of the existing juvenile courthouse to provide an enlarged judges chamber and four new accessible toilets: men’s, women’s, staff and judge’s chamber toilets. The administrative area was gutted and many interior walls were removed to provide space for file storage. Lobbies were opened up to provide space for security screening, the holding area was redesigned and HVAC and roofing were replaced. This project delivered as an ID/IQ project.

Santa Cruz

An entry addition to accommodate ADA access, security screening equipment and public queuing. The existing lobby did not have adequate space for screening needs so Nacht & Lewis re-purposed the existing canopy between the courthouse building and the adjacent administration building. Clear and distinct entry and exit circulation was provided to allow security to view all public circulation in and out of the courthouse. The project included renovations to the IT department and delivered as an ID/IQ project.

Kern County

This renovation re-purposed existing administration space to provide a new ADA compliant courtroom, chambers, clerk offices and a jury suite. The project also included a new courtroom entry from the lobby and the extension of the staff corridor behind the courtroom. This project delivered as an ID/IQ project.

In addition, this team has also provided similar services for County and State clients which include:


Sacramento County Main Jail Guardrail Modifications

A feasibility study to extend the existing guardrails for suicide/homicide prevention. Nacht & Lewis reviewed existing dayrooms, yards and visitation tiers and determined how to reduce impacts to electrical and sprinkler systems. The work has been completed in multiple phases under a Job Order Contracting.

Sacramento County Public Defender Suite

This project was a tenant improvement inside of the Sacramento Juvenile Courthouse to provide a secure suite for the Public Defender’s office. This project provided access to the public via a fire-rated transaction counter/window as well as access for the Public Defender staff to the secure corridor; creative positioning of doors allowed for judges’ circulation to remain separate. This project delivered Design-Build.

Tulare County Courthouse Tenant Improvements

An addition of two superior courtrooms, judges’ chambers, personnel offices and holding cells within existing space on the third floor and new private offices, open office layout and support spaces for expansion of District Attorney’s offices within existing space on the second floor.

Sacramento County Space Plan Study/Department 43 Remodel

A study to determine court function relocation relative to existing engineering systems, to identify fire, life safety and ADA upgrades and to determine cost of construction. The result of this project was a new ADA compliant courtroom in the existing courthouse. This project delivered under Job Order Contracting.

Calaveras County Courthouse & Administration Buildings

Five renovation projects upgrading county services, providing accessible entries and toilet facilities. The first projects renovated two courtrooms and chambers, accessible parking and toilets, path of travel, a new mail room and an updated lobby. The final projects provided new counsel offices and renovated the building used for the CAO office with an accessible public counter and upgraded finishes throughout. These projects were Design-Bid-Build contracts.

Napa County Hall of Justice & Historic Courthouse Earthquake Assessment and Repairs

Assessment of earthquake damage and construction documents for repairs to interior / exterior finishes, structural elements, fire / life safety and access compliance, seismic joints and rooftop equipment.

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Nacht & Lewis began working for the Judicial Council of California (JCC) in 2002 by assessing all of the court facilities in Lassen, Madera, Placer, Plumas, Sacramento, and San Benito counties. In 2007, the firm designed the first partially funded courthouse project: Superior Court of California, Merced. Nacht & Lewis also completed two phases of renovations to the existing Merced courts under a Design-Build contract. The firm also designed the JCC’s first ground-up project: the Superior Court of California, Plumas-Sierra.