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CDCR CA State Prison, LA County EOP

CDCR California State Prison, Los Angeles County EOP The new Enhanced Outpatient (EOP) building is a single story building accessed directly from D yard of the Los Angeles County (LAC) facility. The facility was programmed to provide mental health services for general population inmates. The footprint of the facility was designed to fit between existing structures on site. The floor plan was compartmentalized into three sections in order to take …Read More

Merced County Courthouse

Merced County Courthouse The Merced County Courthouse was designed to replace several outdated structures and portables with limited security and awkward exterior circulation. The new courthouse began as a County funded project and eventually became the California Administrative Office of the Court’s first partially funded courthouse project. It remains an excellent example of how thoughtful planning can result in a building that successfully balances functionality, security and durability while economically …Read More

Correctional Treatment Facilities

Correctional Medical and Mental Health Treatment Facilities In 2006 Nacht & Lewis was selected to design the next generation of correctional medical and mental health facilities for California Department Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). These were mandated to satisfy the Coleman and Plata lawsuits. Mental Health Housing and Treatment Facilities These facilities range in scale from 45 to 64-beds and they are designed to address the mental health treatment needs of …Read More

Superior Court of CA, Plumas-Sierra

Superior Court of California, Plumas-Sierra The Plumas-Sierra Courthouse is the first multi-jurisdictional courthouse in California, strategically located to serve Portola, Loyalton and the Highway 395 Corridor, which becomes isolated due to snow and geography in the winter. The single story building, a replacement to an existing facility in Portola, accommodates one jury courtroom, chambers, jury deliberation, clerks’ area and a self-help center. While the design and planning represent contemporary thinking, …Read More

El Dorado County Main Jail

El Dorado County Main Jail  Nacht & Lewis was retained to program and design a new Main County Jail facility for El Dorado County. The facility was designed to accommodate 196 inmates in a mix of single cells and dormitories. The design reflects the two distinct functional requirements of the new jail: 1) Two 2-tier housing modules which provide 128 single cells, four 16-bed dormitories, dayrooms, indoor and outdoor exercise areas, …Read More

Court Facility Renovations

Superior Court of California, Solano  This multi-phase project resulted in the addition of two courtrooms, chambers and holding areas into an existing 1980’s era courthouse. Phase I required the relocation of the Court Clerk suite to an adjacent building. Since the adjacent building was constructed in the 1930’s, creative solutions to fire life safety and access compliance were necessary. With the Court Clerk successfully relocated, Phase II began. The space …Read More

Lake County Correctional Facility

Lake County Adult Detention Facility Nacht & Lewis has designed multiple phases of the Lake County Adult Detention Facility starting with the original jail facility, which was completed in 1990. Currently, Nacht & Lewis continues to work with Lake County and the Sheriff’s Department to master plan the facility expansion. The ultimate build-out will accommodate over 485 inmates in a mix of single cell and dormitory housing, with a sheriff’s operations facility …Read More

CDCR Salinas Valley State Prison

CDCR Salinas Valley State Prison, 64-Bed The design of the SVSP 64-bed Mental Health Treatment Facility achieved many firsts for the State of California CDCR. The building design was developed as a prototype for future facilities and is based on a therapeutic community model for mental health treatment. It is the first LEED certified facility for CDCR, achieving a LEED Silver rating and is the first prison facility in the …Read More

U.S. Federal Courthouse

U.S. Federal Courthouse The Nacht & Lewis and HLM Design team created a design to solve a functionally complex program and a constrained downtown urban site, while also presenting a dignified representation of the United States judicial system in Sacramento, California. The 16-story building, now named the Robert T. Matsui Courthouse, houses courtrooms, judicial chambers and public space, all expressed volumetrically in the exterior design. The courthouse allows for conversion …Read More

Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center

Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center For over 30 years, Nacht & Lewis has provided design services to Sacramento County and the Sheriff’s Department for multiple projects at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center (RCCC). Recent projects include a 448-bed medium security (Level II) dormitory, completed in 2000 and two 192-bed, maximum-security housing units. In addition, the firm has designed a new administration building, a new secure perimeter fence with a vehicle sallyport and …Read More

Placer County Main Jail Addition

Placer County Main Jail – House 4 Addition The design of the House 4 addition to the Placer County Main Jail included two major components. The first component was the new 192-bed maximum and medium security housing unit with new administration offices and a public visitation area. The second component was a controls upgrade project for the entire facility. The housing addition, known as House 4, is located between two …Read More

Sacramento County Main Jail

Sacramento County Main Jail  The joint venture between Nacht & Lewis and HOK first established goals and objectives for improving the Sacramento County detention complex to consider both the rights and protection of prisoners and the public. The architectural solution responds to a restricted urban site resulting in a multi-story building articulated to form six slender towers. The new Main Jail building is a complete 1,250-bed pre-trial detention facility, including arraignment …Read More

CDCR California Men’s Colony, 50-Bed

CDCR California Men’s Colony,  50-Bed Mental Health Crisis Facility The California Men’s Colony (CMC) Mental Health Crisis Facility (MHCB) provides 50 beds to meet the mental health treatment needs of CDCR inmate- patients requiring short-term crisis care. The stand alone facility is approximately 47,100 g.s.f., licensed as a CTC and designed under OSHPD 4 requirements. In addition to the treatment and housing component of the facility, patient services include: laboratory, …Read More