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San Juan Unified School District - Project Jump on Education (JOE) at Greer Elementary School

Nacht & Lewis worked with the San Juan Unified School District to develop a series of classroom standards focused on 21st century learning environments that could be built quickly but with high quality results. Project JOE (Jump on Education) was born out of the lack of flexibility in the traditional modular construction market and a need to have better control over short summer construction schedules. Project JOE is a modular design incorporating standard classrooms, kindergartens, media centers and workrooms and has been designed from the ground up with students and teachers leading the way. Project JOE buildings utilize panelized wall and roof construction, a rain screen envelope and off-the-shelf components for quick onsite construction. It provides an open plan, operable partitions between spaces, high ceilings with abundant windows and skylights, roll-up garage doors to the outdoors and plenty of writing surfaces, flat screen monitors and wireless connectivity.

As a custom building designed for the kids and teachers of the San Juan Unified School District, Project JOE can respond to class size reduction and changing demographics. By nature of their modular design and their ability to be constructed quickly, there are competitively priced with comparable modular building products.

Greer Elementary School ushered if the first of two Project JOE classrooms. The second is under construction at Cowan Elementary School and will feature two kindergarten classrooms.


  • Programming
  • Architectural Design
  • Construction Administration


San Juan Unified School District


Greer Elementary School | Sacramento, CA


4,320 s.f.


August 2016


Lease-Leaseback with Otto Construction