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City of Sacramento 911 Dispatch & Training Facility

The City of Sacramento 911 Dispatch & Training Facility is an Essential Services Facility providing call taking, radio dispatch, training, administration and support services related to emergency response activities by the Police Department. In addition to emergency operations and support services, the site contains space for police K9 training activities and a future childcare center.

The two-part building consists of a non-essential services building in the front, which acts as a buffer for the essential services building in the back. The two buildings are connected by hallways that converge to form a large central courtyard, which in turn is linked with a series of smaller courtyards. These glass-lined courtyards allow natural light to permeate the building and provide a much-needed visual connection from indoor spaces to the exterior. The courtyards also provide protected outdoor space for staff that cannot leave the facility during 12-hour shifts.


  • Programming
  • Site Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Administration

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City of Sacramento


Sacramento, CA


35,550 s.f.


March 2006