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CDCR California Men's Colony, 50-Bed Mental Health Crisis Facility

The California Men’s Colony (CMC) Mental Health Crisis Facility (MHCB) provides 50 beds to meet the mental health treatment needs of CDCR inmate- patients requiring short-term crisis care. The stand alone facility is approximately 47,100 g.s.f., licensed as a CTC and designed under OSHPD 4 requirements. In addition to the treatment and housing component of the facility, patient services include: laboratory, phlebotomy, radiological services, dietetic services, pharmacy and a trauma and triage area consisting of a medical observation room, treatment room and nurse station area. Support areas include: administrative offices (second floor) for senior and staff level treatment providers with appropriate staff lockers, lounge and conference room facilities.

The MHCB facility is located in the existing parking lot in an expanded secure “No Man’s Land” perimeter of the CMC facility. The scope of this project included the expansion of the secure perimeter, the addition of three guard towers to help monitor the expanded perimeter and extensive roadway widening and main vehicle sallyport modifications to allow for modern fire truck vehicle access onsite (within the secure perimeter). Two new parking lots were constructed with a total parking capacity of 505 spaces.

Key Features: 

  • OSHPD 4 Licensed Mental Health Crisis Facility
  • Compressed Design Schedule, Nine Months Including Public Works Board Approval
  • Sally Port Design and Perimeter Expansion
  • Large Site Grading Requirements
  • Continued Operation of Existing Facility
  • LEED Gold Certified







California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)


San Luis Obispo, CA


45,762 s.f.


June 2013