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The latest from Nacht & Lewis.

2017 Staff Promotions

Congratulations to our team members! Mike Parrott | President Mike Smith | Associate Principal DeAnn Splinter | Associate Principal Lorenzo Lopez | Associate Principal Elizabeth Hawks McBride | Project Coordinator Yesenia Watkins | Senior Design Technician Rhonda Pettit | Director of Personnel Anthony Arroyo | Office Manager

Staff Spotlight: Michele Hausauer

Say hello to Michele Hausauer, our latest staff member¬†addition at Nacht & Lewis! 1. What is your job at Nacht & Lewis and how long have you been doing it? Senior Project Coordinator and I’ve been here a little of three months. 2. What is the best part of your job at Nacht & Lewis? Maybe it is early to say this, but probably the people I work with and …Read More

Core Values Series: Empower the Team

In our third month of our Core Values Series, we ask our staff what our core value, “Empower the Team”, means to them. Asking each staff member about Nacht & Lewis’ core values has been so interesting and eye opening in seeing¬†how differently each value can be interpreted person to person. You learn a lot about your teammates from this exercise and it really is conducive to working with each …Read More

Staff Spotlight: Jami M. Godkin

Say hello to Jami M. Godkin, Marketing Manager and resident animal-lover at Nacht & Lewis!   1. What is your job at Nacht & Lewis and how long have you been doing it? Marketing Manager and I’ve been here two months, but it feels like much longer because¬†Nacht & Lewis is an¬†awesome place to work! 2. What is the best part of your job at Nacht & Lewis? Creativity! I …Read More

California Education: Prop 51

The Kindergarten Through Community College Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2016, or Proposition 51, is a really big name for, ‚ÄúLet‚Äôs help better educate our kids‚ÄĚ! On November 8, 2016, California voters will be faced with the decision to support a State-wide facility bond to continue funding the construction and modernization of K-12 and Community College projects throughout the State. Proposition 51 will provide $9 billion to fund school …Read More

Core Values Series: Deliver Excellence

Last month, we started the ‚ÄúCore Values Series‚ÄĚ where our staff shared what designing thoughtfully means to them. This month we hope to inspire you to go beyond good quality and acceptable products, into delivering excellence in everything you do. Here‚Äôs our take on our next core value, delivering excellence: -Delivering excellence is not just providing quality work; it‚Äôs the continued effort our team makes to improve our services, designs, …Read More

Exciting Changes on Our Horizon

Nacht & Lewis has always taken great pride in the work we have done, valued the many clients we have had the pleasure to serve, appreciated the contributions of those who have worked here and will continue to do our part to help shape the Sacramento landscape and community for the better. Our Future President, Michael Parrott Since joining the firm in 1996, Michael has worked on projects in the …Read More

Core Values Series: Design Thoughtfully

Nacht & Lewis always strives to embody our core values: design thoughtfully, empower the team, deliver excellence, guided by integrity and cultivate optimism. There are many interpretations to these expressions, so we asked our staff what our first value, design thoughtfully, means to them. Here are some of their responses: – Designing thoughtfully requires empathy to develop an element, detail or composition that is reflective of the intended experience. Design …Read More

Staff Spotlight: Eric Sifuentes

Say hello to Eric Sifuentes, Senior Project Coordinator and Nacht & Lewis’ accessibility expert!   1. What is your job at Nacht & Lewis and how long have you been doing it? I am a Senior Project Coordinator at Nacht & Lewis. I am coming up on my 10-year anniversary with the firm this November. 2. What is the best part of your job at Nacht & Lewis? Problem solving …Read More

Nacht & Lewis Continues to Grow

We are pleased to introduce you to the three newest additions to Nacht & Lewis! George Hubert Senior Project¬†Coordinator George came to Nacht & Lewis from Indigo Architects in Davis¬†where he was responsible for construction administration on local government projects, including a DMV remodel in Redding, an animal shelter in Tracy and a Sherriff‚Äôs Facility for Yuba County. He recenlty passed his Architecture Registration Examination last month to become a¬†licensed¬†architect! …Read More

Staff Spotlight: Yesenia Taylor

This month’s Staff Spotlight is a feature¬†of one of our newest team members, Yesenia Taylor, a recent¬†graduate of¬†Woodbury University in San Diego. Yesenia joined Nacht & Lewis in November 2015 and we couldn’t be happier to have her as part of our firm family! 1. What is your job at Nacht & Lewis and how long have you been doing it? Design Technician ‚Äď just short of 6 months. 2. …Read More

Staff Spotlight: Eric Fadness

We are back on track with our monthly Staff Spotlight features! This month we are sharing a little more about Eric Fadness, a firm Principal and market leader for Nacht & Lewis Justice-focused projects. 1. What is your job at Nacht & Lewis and how long have you been doing it? I have been¬†a Principal at Nacht & Lewis since 2009 and I‚Äôve been with the firm for 23 years. …Read More

A Warm Welcome to Nacht & Lewis

As we ring in the new year, we warmly welcome a group¬†of new faces to the team at Nacht & Lewis. In the coming months,¬†we hope you have an opportunity to meet our newest staff members because we think they are pretty awesome ourselves. Read on to get to know¬†the fantastic five! Jonathan McKim,¬†AIA, NCARB, CSI, CDT¬† Senior Project Architect Jon came to Nacht & Lewis from an engineering and …Read More

Staff Spotlight: Chris Flatt

This month, we would like to introduce you to Chris Flatt, a Senior Project Architect¬†at Nacht & Lewis! 1. What is your job at Nacht & Lewis and how long have you been doing it? I am Senior Project Architect and have been working here for 14.663 years. When I started at N&L in April of 2001, I had no idea that I was joining such a great team of …Read More

Learning to Learn

With firms once again hiring, the landscape for architectural firms emerging from the recession is reminiscent of that following the recession in the early 2000‚Äôs. There has been an exodus of experienced professionals due to layoffs or by choice, many of whom will choose not to return, having found employment outside the profession. A noticeable gap in experience, seen especially with project architects in the ‚Äė00s, is again a real …Read More