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The latest from Nacht & Lewis.

An Idea Before It’s Time? The First Rodome

This year, Nacht & Lewis is celebrating 94 years in business. With this many years of experience, it is valuable to occasionally look back at the past to put our present in perspective. Our founder, Leonard Starks, briefly partnered with E.C.Hemmings in 1923 to design the Elks Building¬†prior to Hemmings death in 1924. Hemmings had a long history of quality work in the Sacramento area¬†and was respected by the local …Read More

St. Joseph’s Stockton Gets A New Hybrid Operating Room

St. Joseph’s Medical Center (St. Joseph’s) in Stockton, California will soon provide improved imaging services to their patients in the San Joaquin Valley. As a replacement¬†of¬†the existing and aged Catherization Laboratory #1, Nacht & Lewis worked with St. Joseph’s to¬†place and build out the new state-of-the-art Hybrid Operating Room (OR), allowing them¬†to offer more diverse surgical procedures to their patients.¬†A hybrid operating room is a surgical theatre that is equipped …Read More

Project JOE (Jump on Education)

Frustrated by the limitations of manufactured modular construction, the San Juan Unified School District in Sacramento, California turned to Nacht & Lewis for help. Following years of struggling with a lack of flexibility in products from the traditional modular construction markets and a need to have better control over short summer construction schedules, Project JOE was born. Nacht & Lewis‚Äô Education Team went to work developing a series of classroom …Read More

What’s On the Boards?

We are excited to share with¬†you a new section of our website where we will feature projects in¬†progress and highlight various¬†milestone developments on those projects. So much goes into¬†a large scale project far before it is complete and the doors open. With this new section, we can provide an¬†inside look at what we’ve been up to lately. To kick off our new On the Boards section, here are some¬†recent project¬†highlights …Read More

Cruising into Jail Construction

In November of last year, I had the pleasure of taking a vacation on a cruise ship to the Caribbean. It was a wonderful experience and I had a great time! With all of that free time and a rested mental state, I began to notice something quite interesting; I started to draw parallels of architecture and design methods that I work with for some of our jail construction projects …Read More

2015 AIA Emerging Professionals Awards

Each year the American Institute of Architects California Chapter‚Äôs (AIACC) Academy for Emerging Professionals (AEP) hosts a program to honor those who contribute in assisting Emerging Professionals and their colleagues in pursuing their personal and professional goals through¬†presenting awards¬†to deserving AIA chapters and members. The awarded chapters, individuals and firms recognize the importance of emerging professional AIA members and their contribution to the current environment and future of architecture. This …Read More

Buildings for Change

In our 93 year history, the tools have changed but our commitment to advancing the practice has remained. “At Nacht & Lewis, the doorway to the main floor is framed by two distinct pieces of art. One was a drawing from the late 1800‚Äôs by Leonard Starks, the founder of Nacht & Lewis. Carefully ruled lines and angles marked with a drafting pencil detail delicate filigree and facade to fill …Read More

Learning to Learn

With firms once again hiring, the landscape for architectural firms emerging from the recession is reminiscent of that following the recession in the early 2000‚Äôs. There has been an exodus of experienced professionals due to layoffs or by choice, many of whom will choose not to return, having found employment outside the profession. A noticeable gap in experience, seen especially with project architects in the ‚Äė00s, is again a real …Read More

Touring the Sacramento County 911 Communications Center

The Sacramento Convention Center was host to the 2015 Western Regional Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Annual Conference¬†last week.¬†Serving as the largest public safety communications association in the world, the conference offered Communications professionals an opportunity to see¬†vendors and exhibitors from around the country, attend over 80 professional development sessions (from technical, operations, and management tracks) and network with other industry leaders. As part of the conference, Nacht …Read More

Allan Hancock’s New Industrial Technology Project

Nacht & Lewis recently completed¬†a Design-Build project* with¬†Flint Builders¬†for Allan Hancock College. The project was to¬†expand and improve space for the college‚Äôs existing industrial technology programs and¬†relocate, replace and upgrade to the college‚Äôs varsity baseball, soccer, football and track venues. The two new buildings provide state of the art facilities and equipment for the well-established industrial technology program at the college. This project was also recently featured in “Profiles in …Read More

So, You Want to Be an Architect?

Despite both of my parents being in the healthcare industry (Mother an RN, Father an Acupuncturist), I knew without a doubt that I was interested in becoming an architect as early as the age of fourteen. Let‚Äôs be honest, it‚Äôs pretty much in my blood. My grandfather was an architect and several of my uncles are architects, designers or engineers. Thankfully I had inherited the analytical skills, critical thinking and …Read More